Ignitor applications

Our customers install PATVAG ignitors in gas generators. In conjunction with a sensor, the ignitor triggers the airbag system which provides efficient passenger protection in the event of an accident.

Our high-quality airbag ignitors prove their functionality and reliability in daily practical use throughout the world. These ignitors are also increasingly used for belt pretensioners or other innovative restraint systems – further evidence of our innovative strength and the quality of our products.

Gas generator applications

In this way, PATVAG products are used in all gas generator applications independent of type or requirements:

  • driver and passenger airbags
  • side airbags
  • thorax airbags
  • head airbags
  • curtain airbags
  • belt pretensioning systems
  • special applications


Spectrum of gas generators

Ignitors manufactured by PATVAG are naturally suitable for use in the whole spectrum of gas generators such as

  • single-stage gas generators
  • twin gas generators
  • multi-stage gas generators
  • cold gas generators
  • hybrid-gas generators